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Donation Policies

Jan Bhavana Party will operate with 100% transparency in its financial procedures. Every single rupee donated to the party will be published on the website immediately along with the details of the donor.

We will accept donations from individuals, businesses and groups with absolutely clean professional records and not from any criminal. If any donor is accused of wrongdoing and is found guilty either by our internal Lokpal or by the courts of the country, we shall return the donation made by the person or group and blacklist them from ever associating with our party in future.

Income of and/or contribution to a political party registered under section 29-A of Representation of People Act 1951 are exempt under section 13-A & 80GGB/ 80GGC respectively.

For this purpose no registration / certification is required under IT Act 1961.

Therefore registration certificate issued by Election Commission of India and PAN allotted by Income Tax Dept. are the only 2 documents which enable a registered political party to collect contribution/s.

Hence we are mentioning registration number & PAN on our website.


Registration No: '62/125/2092/PPS-I'

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