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Mission Vistaar

IMPORTANT NOTICE : Note for Existing State & Zonal Committees


All State/Zonal Teams,

It has come to our notice through various complaints that in some states new adhoc District teams are being formed even though Mission Vistaar process has not started there.

Please be informed that organisation restructuring work and formation of new committees is to be postponed in any state until the visit of neutral observers and the launch of Mission Vistaar process. Any new teams can be made only after the Observers have been appointed by the Mission Vistaar committee at State/Zonal Levels. Any adhoc team thus formed without approval of Mission Vistaar observers would not be considered as valid.

Mission Vistaar process would be started very soon in the states where it has not been started yet. Pending the visit of Neutral Observers and launch of Mission Vistaar process, volunteers can and should continue to take up local issues and solve people's problems. Our ‘andolan’ related work should not stop and will help us lay the groundwork for ‘sanghatan’ work wherein we will need to start party building at booth level as a part of Mission Vistaar process.

Until the formation of the Interim Committees, in case there are any grievances, these will be handled by the National Grievance Redressal Cell, who can be contacted at grievance@janbhavanaparty.org.

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